Our Work

River Partners permanently protects habitat for federal and state listed species on thousands of acres of riverbanks – one tree, one shrub and one native grass seed at a time.┬áRiver Partners is the only California nonprofit that acquires, restores and protects riparian ecosystems on a large scale. We invite you to explore some of the 120 projects in 14 watersheds that we have completed throughout California.

River Partners is one of the few organizations that has actually designed, permitted, and restored habitat in a regulatory floodway. This unique experience endows us with an unusually pragmatic perspective that is essential to the success of future restoration efforts.

- John Cain, Director of Conservation

Featured Projects

Bear River Setback Levee

Design and implementation of habitat restoration within the floodway and levee setback area for the 2-mile Bear River Levee Setback Project was a collaborative feat that will forever improve flood safety.

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Dos Rios Ranch Preserve

Our Dos Rios project is the largest public-private floodplain restoration project in California, a leading example of green infrastructure that lowers flood risk and brings life back to the San Joaquin Valley to protect endangered species.

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San Dieguito Project

River Partners restored the floodplain along the San Dieguito River to accommodate endangered Arroyo Toad, and created new models for habitat recovery in designated conservation areas.

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