We give rivers new life

There’s a remarkable movement underway in California

Californians are realizing it’s more important than ever to restore the state’s riverways as a natural solution to the growing impacts of climate change, including species loss, droughts, and floods.

River Partners has transformed hundreds of landscapes and communities across the state over 25 years. With your help, we can double our pace and scale of restoration in this critical decade to deliver a thriving future for California’s environment and people.

Our work in action

“River Partners’ approach, that it so effectively demonstrates, is the future of conservation in California.”

—Wade Crowfoot, California Natural Resources Secretary

25 Years of Restoring Hope

Since 1998, River Partners and our supporters have proven the power of restored riverways in delivering a brighter future for California’s environment and communities.

Natural climate defense

California can safeguard its communities and environment against climate-driven floods and drought by reviving rivers and their floodplains.

Map showing the approximate locations and number of River Partners projects

Only 5% of California’s river habitat remains

Help us bring back the rest

We’re doubling our pace and scale of riverway restoration during this critical decade.

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18,867 acres restored

4,078,494 native trees and vegetation planted

58 priority species protected

10.3 billion gallons of water saved

1,006,787 tons of greenhouse gases captured

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Explore some of the hundreds of statewide restoration projects we’ve led since 1998.


We’ve received numerous honors and accolades for our innovation and impact, including: