We give new life to rivers.

Native tree by native tree, acre by acre, River Partners reforestation projects grow a resilient future for people, wildlife and our planet. Our groundbreaking approach unites cutting-edge ecological science with farming practices to bring new life to floodplains and river forests at a pace and scale that matter.

Our innovative partnerships nourish the ecosystems, economies and communities of California by creating green jobs, expanding flood safety and healthy open space, building wildlife habitat for fragile species, conserving freshwater resources, and storing carbon in growing river forests.

Together, we can do so much more.

Acres restored since 1998
Priority species protected
Acre-feet annual water savings
$2 billion+
Ecological value created

Featured Work

Planting Hope: A Record Year

2020 was our largest reforestation year ever. Read about River Partners' record-breaking outcomes in this year's Annual Impact Report.

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Greening Our Post-Pandemic Economy

Restoring our rivers can put communities back to work, expand wildlife habitat and build climate-safe infrastructure.

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Floodplain Forests Face Off to Climate Change

Riparian forests are powerful protection at the front lines of climate change. Visit our Dos Rios project with the New York Times.

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River Partners work has been a boon to the Central Valley's river forest ecosystems, once the richest wildlife habitat in the state. Their rigorous scientific approach has helped bring back wildlife species once believed permanently lost.

- James Irvine Foundation, Leadership Award

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Solutions at scale are more urgently needed than ever. We welcome you to learn more about our projects near your community, contact us with partnership and strategic restoration opportunities, or support our work.