We Invited an Actor to Dos Rios Ranch Preserve. This is What Happened.

Ethan Peck learns about the importance of healthy rivers for California’s future

A few months ago, we received a voicemail from a famous actor. At first, we thought it was a prank.

Well, it was not a prank at all.

While waiting for a flight, Ethan Peck had read a Reuters news article about how River Partners’ restoration projects protect communities from catastrophic flooding. He made a contribution, and asked how else he could help.

We invited Ethan to visit Dos Rios Ranch Preserve as it becomes California’s newest State Park. He gave us several days of his time. And, as it turned out, he got something in return.

Ethan learned about how our large-scale restoration projects address climate impacts of drought and flooding. He also met community members impacted by our work and realized what we do doesn’t just provide environmental benefits, it offers hope and healing for people, throughout California and beyond.

He saw how rivers unite us all.

Come along with Ethan on his journey to discover the importance of rivers and floodplains for California’s future. Stay tuned for an in-depth video with Ethan, coming soon. Watch the short teaser now:

Listen to Ethan’s reflections after visiting Dos Rios Ranch Preserve on the importance of connecting to nature:

Please join Ethan and make a donation today to restore healthy rivers.

Together, we can boost climate resilience, combat biodiversity loss, and double our pace of restoration in this critical decade.

Enjoy, share, and please support River Partners with a donation to make a tangible difference for California communities and wildlife.