Dos Rios Ranch Wins FMA Award

VIDEO: River Partners Receives Flood Management Honors

River Partners is delighted to receive the 2020 Integrated Flood Management Award from the Floodplain Management Association (FMA) for restoration and management of Dos Rios Ranch. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to floodplain management.

The Dos Rios Ranch Preserve project balances the needs of ecosystems and Central Valley communities. The project uses real-life lessons to guide restoration actions, supports local economies through job creation and competitive grants, and revitalizes our river landscapes for future generations.  – Ricardo Pineda, Supervising Engineer of Water Resources and FMA Awards Chair

The awards committee chose the winner based on the project’s consistency with the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan’s Conservation Strategy and its dual goals of increasing flood protection and protecting and restoring important ecosystems.

“River Partners showed a lot of stamina in getting a project of this scale planned, permitted, and implemented,” says Pineda. Spanning 2,100 acres at the confluence of the San Joaquin and Tuolumne rivers, and over a decade in the making, the scale and breadth of River Partners’ accomplishment at Dos Rios Ranch impressed the awards committee. “The Dos Rios Project was the hands-down winner among the committee members.”

“Dos Rios Ranch is River Partners’ flagship project in the San Joaquin Valley,” said River Partners’ President Julie Rentner, who accepted the award on behalf of River Partners. “We are honored by FMA’s recognition of this project in California’s agricultural heartland which is delivering critical flood safety, climate-smart water management, endangered species recovery, and benefits to surrounding communities.”

The Integrated Flood Management Award was announced at the FMA Annual Conference on September 10, 2020.

Video Tour: Enjoy a virtual visit to Dos Rios Ranch: