Discover a Farming Community’s Journey of Resilience

New Video Series Chronicles Grayson’s Story of Restoration and Renewal

Tucked in one of the largest corridors of restored riverside habitat in the Central Valley lies the postage-stamp farming community of Grayson, east of Modesto.

In February 2022, River Partners restored nearly 300-acres at the Grayson Riverbend Preserve, planting native forests of deergrass, milkweed, valley oak, and willow to revive the river ecosystem and help protect Grayson from flooding. It’s the latest piece to be added to River Partner’s restoration constellation in Stanislaus County, which totals nearly 11,000 acres of continuous nature in the Central Valley when combined with the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge, north of Grayson, and Dos Rios Ranch Preserve, located across the San Joaquin River.

As River Partners planted native forests in the region over the last decade, we’ve grown roots in the community. We teamed up with town leaders to chronicle Grayson’s inspiring story of restoration and renewal and its deep connection with the nearby San Joaquin River. Watch how our partnership to restore the river is bringing unexpected healing to the community and hope for a bright future. The video series features perspectives from community leaders, local farmers, historians, and even California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot about Grayson’s journey of resilience.

The United Community Foundation developed the series in partnership with the Grayson Community Center, members of the Grayson community, and River Partners. The Water Foundation provided generous production funding.