California faces catastrophic flood dangers — and a need to invest billions in protection

Los Angeles Times

“When you can spread water out across the landscape safely upstream of a neighborhood or a residential area, you can hopefully convey that water more safely through,” said Julie Rentner, president of River Partners. “It’s just staggering when you really look at how destructive a big flood would be. We only have a short amount of time, a decade or two, to get underway with the big solutions that we think are going to work.”

Excellent reporting from the Los Angeles Times featuring our Dos Rios Ranch Preserve, the state’s largest floodplain restoration project, as a solution for the growing threat of catastrophic flood danger.

“Restoring more of the valley’s natural floodplains can also nourish ecosystems and help struggling populations of fish and other wildlife. State officials say that would bring big environmental benefits because most of the valley’s wetlands and riparian habitats have been drained and destroyed, with only about 5% remaining.”

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