2020 Annual Impact Report

Planting Hope In A Record-Breaking Year

Dear Friends:

I am proud to share River Partners’ 2020 Annual Impact Report. Through all of the turbulence of the past year, we have achieved a quiet triumph: our largest restoration year ever. Our field staff, scientists, policy experts, every member of our organization and our many partners have rallied to make this milestone possible, while maintaining physical distance, taking every safety precaution, and expanding our capacities to respond to dynamic conditions.

A tractor prepares the ground for planting at River Partners’ Dos Rios Ranch, Stanislaus County, CA.

Our approach is working: At the largest scale in the Western US, our team is focused on an audaciously simple goal – give new life to our river landscapes by farming native habitat. Of course, it isn’t really that simple. As we put millions of trees in the ground, we engage in every level of resource management to build real-life scalable and durable solutions. We recover endangered wildlife, improve flood safety, store carbon, recharge groundwater and enhance streamflow, support economic growth, and deliver community open space and health benefits. And we need to do so much more.

Our Charge: For over two decades, River Partners has shown that revitalizing our river corridors creates sustainable, living-wage careers in the growing green infrastructure sector, building community and ecological resilience. In 2020 – an unprecedented year – we have tested our capacity and doubled annual revenues and impact. As this economic recession requires us to think differently about virus-safe economic stimulus and workforce expansion, River Partners is ready to grow.

2020 Impact and Outcomes

Scaling up and Empowering People

You are invited: Our ability to rebound and turn toward a stronger, hopeful future will be
determined by how decisively we join together to revitalize our communities and empower
people with proven solutions for a rapidly changing physical and social climate. I hope this report will inspire you to learn more and join us in delivering some of the most innovative and game-changing ecosystem recovery in the West. We thank the hundreds of partners already lifting with us, and welcome your partnership to help shape and support this vision of a resilient future.

Together, let’s give new life to our rivers.

Stay safe,
Julie Rentner