2021 Restoration Scholars

Growing the Next Generation of Restoration Leaders

River Partners believes a thriving California requires growing the next generation of restoration leaders. That’s why every summer we host full-time, paid summer interns – whom we fondly call Restoration Scholars – from two- and four-year universities to gain valuable hands-on experience with our science and farming experts. Their research and insights also help grow River Partners’ long-term impact. This summer, we welcomed our largest cohort of Scholars to date. We know you’ll be as inspired as we are by their personal stories, smarts, and dedication to keeping California’s environment and communities thriving for generations to come.

Francisco Gallegos holding a jar with bees in it

Francisco Gallegos

Francisco Gallegos arrived at San Diego State with an interest in pursuing psychology. But when he discovered the university’s on-campus greenhouse, his curiosity was ignited in a…

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Shaine Hill standing in a field

Shaine Hill

Shaine Hill has always enjoyed the ways nature networks. From ant farms he maintained as a young boy in Folsom to his summer internship at River Partners,…

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Lauren Hoff watches a stick insect on her hand

Lauren Hoff

Growing up on a Fresno farm, Lauren Hoff spent most of her waking hours exploring and enjoying the outdoors. “My family could always find me trying to…

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Kyle Nguyen gives a thumbs up while doing field work

Kyle Nguyen

Working in the sweeping, wide-open spaces of the San Joaquin Valley, Kyle Nguyen spent much of this summer looking closely at some of the area’s tiniest creatures….

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Vanessa Padilla walking through a riparian landscape

Vanessa Padilla

It’s likely that not too long from now, Vanessa Padilla may very well look back at her summer internship and appreciate the landscape of her hometown and…

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Madeline Perrault

Madeline Perrault

Madeline Perreault’s experience enjoying the outdoors spans land and water—from hiking, camping, and backpacking to surfing for her junior high and high school teams. So as the…

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Madison Pierce hugging a large tree trunk

Madison Pierce

When Madi Pierce begins her final year at Cal Poly SLO, the Forestry and Natural Resources major will be well-prepared.  River Partners’s Chico office was an ideal…

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Samantha Stephan standing in a trench holding a shovel

Samantha Stephan

Samantha Stephan has always had a love of the outdoors. From the time she completed what she termed “a real hike, and not just a quick little…

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Katie Wong measuring some trees

Katie Wong

The connections in the natural world come in all shapes and sizes, and between species. When it comes to the relationship between companion plant species—particularly those that…

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