Cutting Edge Science

Measuring water quality to ensure it's adequate for salmon in the floodplain
Measuring water quality to ensure it’s adequate for salmon in the floodplain


River Partners applies an important element of the Hippocratic Oath to our work: first, do no wrong. In large-scale habitat restoration, a mistake or unfounded assumption could mean we might lose a species or pave over an important wildlife corridor. Every one of our restoration projects uses the very latest cutting edge science. Our in-house team of biologists and ecologists build complex restoration designs informed by our past experience and the specific requirements of project sites, and then monitor performance in the field.

In addition, we partner with experts on project designs and open up our project sites to renowned researchers exploring new angles and applications of our work. Our projects serve as living laboratories where we are currently studying the effect of flood flows on vegetation successional patterns, the impact of climate change on wildlife migrations, and the groundwater regeneration capacity of restored floodplains.

We share what we’ve learned, often in the “grey literature” of restoration plans, reports and handbooks. Our presentations at conferences, workshops, policy and planning meetings and field visits help policy leaders and resource managers expand their toolkit for restoration and measurably strengthen the field of applied riparian restoration science.

Riparian Restoration Handbook

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The Journal

The Journal is the quarterly publication on River Partners activities and projects, first published way back in 2005.

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