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Restoration Challenges

River Partners faced many obstacles while restoring the Wilson Landing Unit. During planning, it took more than a year to secure a Reclamation Board Encroachment Permit. An Encroachment Permit was issued in 2008; however, a special condition prevented planting elderberry shrubs.

Site access was a challenge. In order to reach the unit, River Partners needed to pass through private land and their agricultural operations. Special precautions and extra coordination was necessary during harvest season. Access was limited during the winter months, as the site entrance was often times inundated for a long period of time.

In December of 2010, the unit flooded. The flood deposited sand and debris, and damaged the irrigation system. River Partners rehabilitated the field in spring 2011 and replaced missing and damaged portions of the irrigation.

Poor soils in Field 4 prevented the full establishment of gumplant when first seeded in 2009. Sprinkler pipe was utilized in the 2nd round of seeding which greatly increased the amount of labor for that portion of the project. However, at the conclusion of the project in 2012, Field 4 should be considered a great success.