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The Wilson Landing Unit of the Sacramento River Wildlife Area is located northwest of the City of Chico. The 338 acre unit is located in Glenn County, within the Sacramento River floodplain, between river miles 203 and 205 L. The project area is situated approximately 5 ½ miles upstream from the boat ramp at the Irvine Finch unit of the Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park.

The site was located on the west side of the river until January 1970 when the neck of the bend was cut by floodwaters and an oxbow formed. It is composed of a central high terrace with a low terrace area to the east, surrounded on three sides by an oxbow channel. The oxbow has permanent water forming a seasonally isolated pond along the east perimeter of the site. More recently, a gravel bar developed along the southwest corner of the property and is separated from the bulk of the site by a secondary channel. A primitive roadway extends from the northwest boundary to the center of the site.