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Above: Before project start in 2006

Above: After project planting, in 2010.

River Partners entered into a grant agreement (WC-6051 SC) with the State of California Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) in 2007 to restore and enhance 338 acres of the Wilson Landing Unit of the DFG’s Sacramento River Wildlife Area. DFG identified the site as a high priority for riparian restoration. Prior to restoration, the project area was weed-dominated, providing poor quality wildlife habitat.

The primary project goal was to use active restoration techniques to establish high quality riparian wildlife habitat that would benefit a broad range of special status species. The restoration strategy was to establish a flood-neutral, structurally complex planting that would provide the necessary habitat components that met the life history needs of targeted wildlife species. Individual wildlife species key into very specific habitat niches, so a more complex vegetation structure provides habitat for a wider array of wildlife species.

Because of active habitat restoration and enhancement efforts, the Wilson Landing Unit now contains 338 acres of riparian habitat immediately adjacent to the Sacramento River.

This restoration project improved the quality and continuity of habitat for riparian wildlife, including federally listed species, while maintaining flood flow conveyance along this stretch of the Sacramento River.