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Wilson Landing Unit of the Sacramento River Wildlife Area

Quick Facts

Project Name Wilson Landing Unit Riparian Restoration Project (Sacramento River Wildlife Area)
Ownership California Department of Fish and Game (DFG)
Type of Activity March 2007 - March 2012
Target Species Riparian Habitat Joint Venture riparian focal bird species (including Swainson’s hawk), California quail, valley elderberry longhorn beetle (VELB), upland game species.
Project Goal To restore and enhance 338 acres of high quality riparian habitat which will benefit a broad range of sensitive animal and plant species and upland game species.
Key Milestones
  • Developed a flood-neutral planting design.
  • Prepared a Restoration Plan (River Partners 2007).
  • Secured a Central Valley Flood Protection Board Encroachment Permit.
  • Restored a weed-dominated landscape to high quality riparian habitat by planting approximately 23,000 native woody plants and installing a mixed native understory. 
  • Cleaned the site, removed all infrastructure, including the access road ( as per DFG request).

Project Location

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Riparian restoration and enhancement of 338 acre Wilson Landing Unit was made possible through funding provided by the Wildlife Conservation Board (WC-6051 SC).

Location and Size

The Wilson Landing Unit restoration project is located on the east side of the Sacramento River, approximately two miles north of Hamilton City, Glenn County, California. The 338-acre site is only accessible to the public by boat. Access for project implementation was provided by Deseret Farms.