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Implementation - 2009

Native grass understory.


Planting herbaceous plugs.

Planting woody species potted stock.
  • In January, 3,000 herbaceous plugs were planted in the swale in the northeast corner of Field 2.
  • In February, 33 acres of gumplant seed was broadcast in Field 4.
  • The berms were labeled and the first 500 plants were installed by a Boy Scout troop.
  • The site was fully planted with woody species in March, which included 19,046 potted stock and 3,768 cuttings. Additionally, 50,000 grass and sedge plugs were installed in the Field 2 swale.
  • In April, another 75,000 plugs were planted in Field 5.
  • Native grass and herbaceous understory seed was broadcasted in all the row centers in November.