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Implementation - 2008

Protective fencing around elderberry shrubs.

Gate installed to prevent trespassing.

Arundo removal.
  • A gate was installed so that the site would be locked against illegal trespass.
  • Approximately 80 elderberry shrubs were determined to be within the project area for active restoration. Protective fencing was installed around all shrubs.
  • Large scale weed control efforts were initiated. The site was disked, leveled and sprayed. Sprinkler pipe was installed and the project area was sprinkler irrigated in order to cause weeds to germinate. This was followed by another spraying event.
  • Arundo was treated across the site. Dozens of patches were cut and sprayed, and the canes were hauled off-site.
  • The irrigation system was designed and installed.
  • All planting berms were created in anticipation of receiving the Central Valley Flood Protection Board permit and a spring, 2009 planting.