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Implementation - 2007

Site mowing.

A temporary road was created.

Excavation of a soil pits o determine potential for growing native vegetation.
  • Site preparation began in 2007.
  • Since there had been no legal land-side access for this site, River Partners met with DFG to determine a point of access. A road was then cut through existing vegetation for use during project implementation. DFG requested that this road be removed at the end of the project, and planted with native vegetation.
  • The site was mowed and a firebreak was established.
  • During mowing, the heavy equipment operator discovered a relic well, left in place from when the site was farmed in the 1970s. The well was tested and it was determined that it would provide adequate flow for irrigation.
  • Soil pits were excavated across the site to determine potential for growing native vegetation.