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Tuolumne River Projects

The Big Bend project is a key component of the restoration of about 250 acres of floodplain land on both the north and south sides of the Tuolumne River west of Modesto.  The goals of the restoration project are to: a) improve channel-floodplain connectivity to allow inundation at a greater frequency, improve regeneration of native riparian species, and improve spawning habitat fro Sacramento splittail and rearing habitat for juvenile Chinook and steelhead; b) remove invasive exotic vegetation;  c) preserve existing riparian vegetation and plant native riparian hardwoods on floodway surfaces appropriate for each species’ life history; and d) provide public education and involvement opportunities in the replanting project. 

The project is compatible with an existing Restoration Plan for the Lower Tuolumne River Corridor and requirements of the Natural Resources Conservation Service Floodplain Easement program.

The Salida school district started a program for school children on the project site