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Mokelumne River Projects

The lower Mokelumne River watershed is in the beginnings of making history with its landowners’ commitment to watershed and habitat preservation. With the growing amount of public awareness to California’s natural resources in the Central Valley, many landowners are starting to take positive actions toward habitat preservation on their own properties. The Vino Farms Riparian Enhancement Plan is one local landowner’s step towards that goal.

Vino Farms, Inc. is a family owned vineyard along the upper reaches of the lower Mokelumne River watershed. The plan focuses on the farm’s 22 acres of remnant
riparian habitat along the river which has been degraded by non-native, invasive plant species. The goal of this project is to improve wildlife habitat by decreasing the extent and cover of non-native plant species; and replace non-native vegetation with native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous species.