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Calaveras River Projects

River Partners is working with several groups to increase awareness of ecological and floodway management objectives along the lower Calaveras River in San Joaquin County.  Strong community support for the restoration of ecological function stimulated University of Pacific, conservation groups and local community leaders to convene a Calaveras Watershed Working Group which seeks to find consensus amongst diverse interests and find watershed restoration solutions that address many objectives.  This river has been the focus of a fish barrier removal project undertaken by the USFWS Anadromous Fish Restoration Program (with many partners including the Fisheries Foundation of California, California Department of Water Resources, Stockton East Water District, NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service, California Department of Fish and Game, and the US Army Corps of Engineers).

In 2010, River Partners began work with University of the Pacific and Friends of the Lower Calaveras River to design and implement a 3-acre demonstration native grass planting project on the Calaveras River’s floodplain on the UOP Campus in Stockton.  This first step in the larger Calaveras Watershed restoration effort is designed to provide opportunities to engage decision makers and interested community members to achieve realistic habitat restoration goals within the designated floodway to benefit steelhead trout and many riparian species.

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