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River Partners Completes Planting in San Diego County

  • By Dave Roberts, Restoration Ecologist, Southern California

(Above) Members of the Urban Corps of San Diego County performing maintenance over the winter near Upper Otay Reservoir .

Signage installed near Upper Otay Reservoir to inform the public and nearby residents of the benefits of native habitat restoration.
Native plants establishing in milk cartons since being planted in November. Note significant control of non-native grasses around plants.

River Partners completed planting on habitat restoration projects in Proctor Valley and Upper Otay Reservoir at the beginning of last winter, and site maintenance has been in full swing.

Over the winter, we worked on controlling non-native grasses and other invasive species on both properties, and native plants have begun to establish. The projects have been well received by the local community and recreationists and will continue to provide benefit to local residents and wildlife as plants continue to grow.
We’re planning on holding an open house with local residents soon to talk about the projects and what has already been achieved.

We’ve identified additional funding opportunities for expanding efforts in the area and have submitted grants in partnership with the Urban Corps of San Diego to both expand control of non-native species and plant additional oak trees.

The above article originally appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of the River Partners Journal.