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Panorama Vista Preserve's Second Phase of Restoration is Rapidly Growing

  • By Trevor Meadows, Associate Restoration Biologist

(Above) New restoration plantings are taking off thanks to careful cultivation from our partners at the Conservation Corps.

Looking now at the field of mostly leafless dormant vegetation, it is hard to believe the explosive growth that took place during the first growing season. The second phase (129 acre) restoration was planted between December 2014 and November 2015. Over 17,000 native woody plants were installed by Regional and State Conservation Corps members. Tree species, including cottonwood, black willow, and western sycamore, were over 20 feet tall in August, only eight months after they were planted! Shrubby species (quailbush, elderberry, and honey mesquite) that derive their biomass from area coverage rather that height also saw explosive growth, spilling into maintenance aisle in one growing season.

Bakersfield has a long, hot growing season that aids in fast plant growth, but adaptive field management was the primary driver of the project's initial success. Treatment of invasive weeds through spot spraying, hand removal and disking at opportune moments reduced resource competition, while adaptive operation of the irrigation system provided frequent, short waterings which supported early plant establishment. To get a firsthand look at the growth, please consider registering for the 2nd Annual Field and Dale Run on March 12, 2016.