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Water Efficiency Begins At "Home"

  • By River Partners Staff

River Partners has always championed water conservation in California through our use of low-water native plants, efficient irrigation designs, and a climate-smart approach to restoration planning. We continue to seek new ways to conserve water, but not all opportunities occur within our large-scale restoration projects. Recently, thanks to a rebate from our water provider, our staff upgraded the sprinklers that irrigate our native landscaping around our Chico office. The old system was replaced for free with an EPA-certified WaterSense Smart Watering Controller from Hunter Industries (above). The new system is 40% more efficient than before, and uses a sensor to assess local weather conditions in order to optimize water schedules and reduce waste. It is just a reminder that, in this time of drought, water conservation starts with your home or office. Check with your water provider to see if you are eligible for a similar rebate - small changes can produce real results!

The above article originally appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of the River Partners Journal.