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Pink Hats Rock at Otay Delta Project

(Above) L to R: Jose Granados, River Partners field foreman, Girl Scout Troop 5912, and Lisa Cox, USFWS. Photo by Horacio Renteria.

Once again Girl Scout Troop 5912 tackled another service project at the San Diego Bay NWR, where River Partners is restoring 55 acres along the Bayshore Bikeway. More than 20 girls and parents, led by Lisa Cox of the USFWS, helped plant native trees at this important public access site at the South Bay unit. In addition to coming out in the rain in January, Troop 5912 has created a bilingual wildlife mural for the project and participated in the groundbreaking celebration in July 2012.

River Partners’ Otay Delta restoration project at the San Diego Bay NWR is a $1.17 million project funded by the Wildlife Conservation Board, the Natural Project Resources Agency (through Caltrans), The San Diego Foundation, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation through Walmart, and the USFWS. The restoration effort has benefitted from broad community involvement thanks to the San Diego Bay NWR Refuge, WiLDCOAST, and Friends of the OVRP.

The above article originally appeared in the March 2013 issue of the River Partners Journal.