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Collaboration for Flood Protection

By Irv Schiffman

The success of River Partners has been, in large measure, due to cooperating with other organizations in carrying out programs that protect and preserve California’s waterways and its riparian environment. Recently River Partners has been collaborating with a variety of flood protection entities to collectively find a way for floodplain restoration to advance public safety objectives.

Working with four different offices within the Department of Water Resources Division of Flood Management, River Partners is engaged in developing scientific data and solutions for floodplain restoration, planning and implementing restoration designs, and assisting in carrying out the flood protection plans for the Central Valley.

One such project has River Partners working with the international firm AECOM to draft a Lower Feather River Corridor Management Plan. The Plan seeks to develop a vision for future management, restoration and maintenance of flood control facilities, conveyance channels, and floodplain and related habitat of the Feather River from the Sutter Bypass to the Yuba River confluence (approx. 20 miles). Our expertise in pulling together many divergent projects and plans will contribute to this effort.

Our experience in permit gathering will also assist in that part of the project which seeks to coordinate the granting and administration of permits needed for repair and maintenance work along the length of the lower Feather River. When completed, it is expected that the Lower Feather River Corridor Management Plan will serve as a model for corridor planning for the remainder of the Central valley system.

An additional agency partner is the Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority (TRLIA). TRLIA is a joint powers authority established by Yuba County and Reclamation District 784 to finance and construct levee improvements in southwestern Yuba County. River Partners assisted TRLIA in planning and implementing the restoration of 600 acres lying between the confluence of the Bear and Feather Rivers and the newly setback levee.

The partnerships mentioned above exemplify a few of the working relationships enjoyed by River Partners and the varied projects embodied in these efforts. Over the years, we have expanded our collaborative partnerships with state and federal agencies, local governments, NGOs, educational institutions and the general public. It is due to such partnerships that we are able to help manage state floodwaters and carry out our mission to create wildlife habitat for the benefit of people and the environment.

The above article originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of the River Partners Journal.