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Volume 15, Issue 1

New Floodplains Book Showcases River Partners

Record-Breaking 2018 Spring Planting Season

Faces of Conservation in the Central Valley

Public Parks in the Central Valley

My Continuing Education: 2017 Water Leaders Class

River Partners Science Team Expands

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Volume 14, Issue 1

Restoring Floodplains at Setback Levees

When Flood Safety and Wildlife Recovery Coincide or Collide:
More Lessons Learned on the San Joaquin River

Setback Levees Mute the Damage of the Oroville Dam Failure Scare

Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway

Hamilton City Levee Festival 2016

Girl Scout Troop 70201 Plant Milkweed at Chico Office

Panorama Vista Preserve Field ‘n’ Dale Run 2017

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Volume 13, Issue 3

Establishing Wildlife Corridors

River Partners Acquires 285-acre Grayson Property for Wildlife and People

Update: Willow Bend Preserve Receives Funding from NOAA Fisheries’ Community-based Restoration Program

Lessons from Fresno: Bringing Back the Native Forest Understory

River Partners Will Assist in Historic Flood Management Project at Hamilton City

River Partners Annual “End of Season” 2016 – Broadening Perspectives

California Conservation Corps 40th Anniversary

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Volume 13, Issue 2

Efficient Watering and Drip Irrigation

Learning by Doing in the Race to Save Salmon from Extinction

UPDATE: The California Riparian Restoration Handbook: 7 Years Later

Developing Partnerships to Support Arroyo Toad Recovery in San Diego County

New Investments in Coordinated Invasive Species Control in the San Joaquin Watershed

River Partners Completes Planting in San Diego County

Volume 13, Issue 1

Putting the Flood Back on Floodplains

Flooding Loss and Groundwater Gain

Breaking Ground in Fresno: the Riverbottom Planting Day is a Community Success

Our New Endowment Fund

Partnership for Climate-Smart Restoration Planning in Reno

Panorama Vista Preserve’s Second Phase of Restoration is Rapidly Growing

Volume 12, Issue 3

Connecting People to Rivers and Riparian Areas

Restoration Benefits for People

River Partners & the Conservation Corps: Working Together for Restoration

SLEWS Program at Dos Rios Ranch

Bird Response to Climatesmart Restoration in the San Joaquin Valley

Volume 12, No. 2

Floodplain Sanctuaries for Juvenile Native Fish

Letter from the Board Chair: Flooding in the Time of Drought

Thriving Plants and Helping Hands at Dos Rios Ranch

Restoration Planning Begins in the Lower Tijuana River Valley

Breaking Ground at Abbott Lake

Water Efficiency Begins at “Home”

Annual SERCAL Conference and SJRRP Science Meeting

Volume 12, No. 1

Restoration at Panorama Vista Preserve Takes Off

Abbott Lake Restoration Moving Ahead

California Passed a New Water Bond... So What?

Native Plant Nurseries and River Partners - A Winning Team

Feather River Riparian Habitat Restoration Project Kick-off

Oroville Wildlife Area Flood Stage Reduction Project

August 2014

Mid-San Joaquin River Flood Plan Nears Completion

Drought Mitigation Through Riparian Restoration

The War on Weeds Continues! Job Creation and Weed Control in the San Joaquin Valley

May 2014

Looking Back at Fifteen Years of Riparian Restoration

Rewilding California Rivers

15 Years of River Partners’ Science: Past, Present, and New Directions

A Model for the Future - Closing a Chapter at the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge

River Partners in San Diego

15 Years of Restoration in the Sacramento Valley

December 2013

River Partners Acquires 500-Acre Hidden Valley Ranch

Progress on Three Amigos: Moving Levee Breaching from Concept to Reality

The Value of Native Understory Species in Riparian Restoration Projects

Rancho Jamul Riparian Restoration: Wildfire Recover

2013 Mud Blasts links Fun, Fitness, and River Conservation in Colusa and Modesto

June 2013

Riparian Habitat Restoration Begins at Dos Rios Ranch

Working with California’s Comprehensive & Flexible Approach to Flood Protection

Welcome Aboard, Nine New Summer Interns!

Honolulu Bar Floodplain Restoration Project

Multi-Benefit Restoration Within the Natomas Basin

Wildflower Restoration at the La Barranca Unit

Otay Delta Serves as Outdoor Classroom for High Tech High Chula Vista Students

Mid-San Joaquin Regional Flood Management Plan Shaping Up

March 2013

River Partners, Team to Set Vision for a Flood Safe Mid-San Joaquin River Region

Restoration on the Otay River

Kern River Project Gets Funding Boost

Volunteer Planting Event at Honolulu Bar

Bear River Restoration: A Framework for Multi-Benefit Projects and Flood Management

River Partners Gears up to Put the San Joaquin Valley to Work: Arundo, Beware!

Pink Hats Rock at Otay Delta Project

December 2012

Dos Rios Ranch Acquisition

Ten Years on the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge

Missions Accomplished: The Collaborative Purchase of Dos Rios Ranch

More than a Decade of Collaboration

Establishing Roots: River Partners’ Long-term Efforts on the San Joaquin River NWR

Using a Native Understory to Control Weeds in Riparian Restoration

Mud Blast Series Brings Runners to the Sacramento, San Joaquin, & Tuolumne Rivers

December 2011

Mudder Nature Challenge: Fun, Frivolity and Competition

Active or Passive Riparian Restoration

New Private Lands Restoration Project with Ducks Unlimited

River Partners and CCC Improving Redding's River Trails

Make a Difference Day at the San Joaquin River NWR

Wildlife Conservation Board Awards Restoration Funding for La Barranca Unit, SRNWR

July 2011

Bear River Levee Set-Back Approaches 5th Year

Central Valley Floods Next in the News?

Vegetation on Levees: A Botanist's Perspective

The Inauguration of the Mudder Nature Challenge

River Partners' Long-Term Monitoring Program

River Partners Recognized for Species Recovery Efforts

March 2011

Community Effort Removes Trash from Otay River Valley

Collaboration for Flood Protection

Kern River Corridor Endowment & River Partners to Restore Bakersfield’s Panorama Vista Preserve

Pelican Nature Trail at SJNWR Open to the Public

River Partners’ Restoration Projects Weather the Test of Time

Second Otay Watershed Project Moves Ahead

Flooding Part of Natural Central Valley Riparian Ecology

December 2010

Tree Root Architecture Research

Notes from the San Joaquin River Conference

Otay Delta Restoration Moves Ahead, Thanks to Funders

Introducing the Flynn Wildland Preserve

The Loss of River Partners’ Co-Founder, Bernard F. Flynn, Jr.

Soroptimists and Durham Cub Scouts Make a Difference at Patrick Ranch

Restoring Habitat and Building a Legacy of Stewards for the Otay River Valley

Second Annual “Make ‘Em Sweat” More than 50 volunteers turn out to help the Flynn Wildland Preserve

September 2010

The Elusive “VELB” Seen at Mitigation Sites

On the River with River Partners

Living Wetlands Display at Merced County Fair

Battle Creek Wildlife Area

Yellow-billed Cuckoo Research

Looking Back Long-Term Monitoring of Restoration Sites

June 2010

River Partners Honors Butte County District Attorney & State Parks

River Partners and the Local Economy

River Partners Visits with Pollinator Expert

Breaking Ground in Placer County

Earth Day Celebration with Hamilton Union HS and State Parks

Results Are In: Endangered Rabbits are Living in our Planted Habitats!

River Partners Celebrates 12th Anniversary

March 2010

Abbott Lake Restoration Approved

Restoration’s Added Benefits

Volunteer Planting Day at the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge

Restoration Projects Support Nature’s Pollination Systems

Lower Colorado River Restoration Underway

December 2009

Sustainability Conference Honors River Partners

A Tour of a Successful Restoration Project

Vegetation in the Floodway and the Flume Study

River Services: A Snapshot of River Partners New Science Webpages

Annual “Make ‘Em Sweat” Event

Fall 2009

California Riparian Restoration Handbook

A Riparian Restoration Handbook

Project Updates

Restoration Planting Design

Vegetation on Levees: A Botanist’s Perspective

Summer 2009

New Partnership for the Kern River

Levee Setbacks and Meandering Rivers

Project Updates

Endangered Rivers

Feather River State Wildlife Area – O’Connor Lakes Unit

San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge

Spring 2009

River Partners Plants its One Millionth Tree at Levee Setback Project

Message from the Board Chair

San Joaquin's 1st Planting Event

Flooding: What's a Rabbit to Do?

River Partners Impacted by State Budget

Fall 2008

River Partners Expands to Southern CA & Arizona

Award Recognizes Key Players in Floodplain Management

Student Trip Enhances Del Rio Wildland Preserve

River Partners Wins Award for Excellence

Riparian Restoration at the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge

Completion of the Vierra Restoration Project at the San Joaquin River NWR

Dos Rios Ranch Identified as a Potential State Park

Summer 2008

10 Years at Beehive Bend

The River Partners Board

Chinook Salmon in the San Joaquin Valley: What are the Benefits of Riparian Restoration?

24 Boats Launched on the Feather River Record-setting River Tour Ends at Nelson Slough

First Stanislaus Paddle Held in June

Spring 2008

River Partners Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Project Updates

Chinook Salmon in the San Joaquin Valley: Natural History and Current Conditions

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