River Partners' mission is to create wildlife habitat for the benefit of people and the environment.

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Community Partnerships

Field trip -- River Partners
Field Trip

We believe that a balance must be struck between human and wildlife needs. We understand our community needs for open space, recreational opportunities, and flood protection. Our projects not only provide wildlife habitat and restore ecological processes, but they benefit our neighbors as well. When planning our projects, we seek input from neighboring landowners, agencies, ecologists, and the general public through focus groups and workshops. When we craft our project designs, we work to meet a variety of intersecting interests.

Educators have recognized the amazing educational potential of our restoration projects. Our projects provide unique outdoor laboratories that provide memorable real world lessons. River Partners collaborates with local schools to do environmental education field trips and stewardship programs. The students participate in field investigations and stewardship activities. Our staff have developed target curriculum to provide students with lessons in ecology, agriculture, and river processes. Students forge a real connection to the natural world that is unlike any other experience.

The Riparian Sanctuary project is an example of how agricultural and conservation interests and technical experts can work together to develop scientifically sound solutions to complex river issues.

The Bidwell Ranch Mitigation Bank project is using a Citizen Workgroup Committee to develop management options that protect important ecological resources and accommodate issues brought up by the local community.