River Partners' mission is to create wildlife habitat for the benefit of people and the environment.

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Agricultural Techniques

Planting at Drumheller Unit, SRNWR
Planting at Drumheller Unit, SRNWR

Another River Partners innovation is the application of orchard agricultural practices to the field of restoration ecology. At River Partners, farmers and biologists work together for conservation. This partnership gives us the ability to deliver restoration projects of sizeable acreage. With this innovation, we are successful at completing on-the-ground projects and producing quality wildlife habitat.

The lands we restore include farmland that is no longer economically viable - often due to flood problems. Many of our sites, such as our O'Connor Lakes project on the Feather River, work to contain floodwaters before they reach adjacent farmland or residential areas, where they can cause enormous damage. We take land that is "left over" from agricultural operations in the Valley and we put it back to use for wildlife, people and the environment.

Our field staff brings with them a lifetime of knowledge and experience in growing plants. Our field technicians are experienced in the cultivation of riparian plants and are trained in equipment operation, irrigation, planting, weed control and monitoring.

Planting at Drumheller Unit, SRNWR
No-till Drill, Native grass planting.

Irrigation of restoration site. Photo by Geoff Fricker..

Field work in advance of planting.

Removal of abandoned orchard.