River Partners' mission is to create wildlife habitat for the benefit of people and the environment.

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Board and Staff

River Partners is a nonprofit conservation organization where farmers and ecologists work together. We are committed, in principle and in practice to preserving and restoring California's rivers and fragile riparian ecosystems.

Board of Directors

River Partners Board of Directors (circa 2007)

Kara Baker, KVB, Inc.
John Carlon, Sierra Cascade Blueberry Farm
Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Allen Hackett, Hackett Farming
Mark Kimmelshue, Legacy Associates
Tom Lando, Lando and Associates
Julie Rentner, Former River Partners Director of Special Projects
Suellen Rowlison, R.N.
Irv Schiffman, CSUC, Political Science
Monroe Sprague, M.D.

River Partners Board of Directors Biographies


River Partners staff photo by drone (2016)

Executive Team

John Carlon, President and VP of Restoration and Science
Gerald Dion, VP of New Projects and Finance
Mona Dagy, Executive Assistant

Development Team

Cam Tredennick, VP New Business & Legal
Maggie Boberg, Regional Director
Mike Cook, Regional Director

Operations Team

Stephen Sheppard, Direct of Operations
Ruben Reynoso, Field Manager
Derrick Hansing, Assistant Field Manager
Jorge Robles Romo, Assistant Field Manager
Feliciano Degante, Field Foreman
Michael Arechar, Field Technician
Taylor Cabral, Field Technician
Chris Carrizales, Field Technician
Zachariah Decker, Field Technician
Eligio Hernandez, Field Technician
Glenn Hicks, Field Technician
Francisco Jaurgui, Field Technician
Alfred Sweet, Field Technician
Ramiro Solis, Field Technician
Marqus Cuison, Nursery Technician
Katie Jacobs, Field Admin. Assistant

Accounting Team

Deborah McLaughlin, Senior Accounting Manager
Miranda Lamb, Staff Accountant

Science Team

Michael Rogner, Senior Biologist
Jeff Holt, Restoration Biologist
Dr. Tom Griggs, Sr. Restoration Ecologist, Retired
Ezra Neale, Restoration Ecologist